Vavato Online Auction Platform

Vavato is a high-end, online auction platform specialized in industrial goods, vehicles, overstock and bankruptcy goods. We sell your goods free of charge through our online platform to the highest bidder.

With a reach of +280.000 online bidders worldwide and our international marketing campaigns, we succeed in converting overstock, depreciated goods & vehicles into cash, allowing new investments to be made more quickly. Because of our ‘no cure-no pay’ policy, there is no risk involved.

Vavato is known as a user-, and mobile-friendly, auction platform. This is the key factor behind our successful online sales. By hosting accessible online auctions, Vavato aims to be the most fun, fastest and fairest way to make the law of supply and demand the norm once again.

Selling through an online auction

Convert your overstock, depreciated goods, machinery vehicles into cash.

  • Sell quickly & at a market conform price. You’ll receive the generated auction revenue 14 days after the auction closes.
  • No hidden costs: no cure no pay.
  • Reach +280.000 international bidders.
  • You’ll get an outstanding service: Vavato takes care of the whole process.
  • Located in Belgium & The Netherlands.
  • Transparent follow-up the auction results.


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Auction experts

We guide you step by step to a successful auction

1. Determine what you want to sell

Based on what you wish to sell, our auction experts advise you what to expect in terms of revenue, which target group should be reached & the best starting bid. This way we work together towards the maximum return of your auction!


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2. Preparing the auction

Our team of 45 auction experts takes care of the inventory of the goods that will be auctioned. We ensure that everything is photographed correctly & provide clear descriptions. We also set up international marketing campaigns to reach the right target group.

3. Start bidding!

During the auction you can follow up on the results transparently online, while we sell your goods at the best price. We answer all incoming questions from potential bidders & manage the viewing moment.

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4. You receive your money quickly

We facilitate the sales transactions of the highest bidders & take care of the entire administrative and financial follow-up. So you don’t have to worry about anything & you’ll receive your money 14 days after the auction closes. This way you can quickly convert your equipment into cash in order to make new investments.

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