Do not hesitate to call the DE GROOT – FUNDIS HOTLINE at +32 (0)3 777 76 65.

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Viewing information


The viewing of the lots takes place at various times and locations:

BE-9270 LAARNE – HEIRWEG 103: Saturday June 26 2021 between 9am-12pm (WOLTMAN 3-4-5)

BE-9270 LAARNE – HEIRWEG 146: Saturday June 26 2021 between 9am-12pm

BE-5070 FOSSES-LA-VILLE – CHAUSSEE DE CHARLEROI 443: Saturday June 26 2021 between 2pm-3pm (WOLTMAN 2)

BE-9090 MELLE – VIJVERWEGEL 78: Saturday June 26 2021 between 1pm-2pm

BE-9220 HAMME – ZWAARVELD 34A: Tuesday June 29 2021 between 2pm-4pm

Additional viewing: Wednesday 30/06 from 9am till 11am in BE-9270 Laarne, Heirweg 103 & 146.
Extra viewing at the other locations is possible by making an appointment via

The exact location can be found at lot level.

Technical inspections with possible sampling and engine inspection of WOLTMAN 2-3-4-5, outside the official visiting hours, should be requested via

Pick-up information


Collection of special transport for WOLTMAN 2,3,4 &5 can be requested via or via the Hotline.

You are buying from a bankruptcy. The stated time is the only time that pick-up can take place. The buyer is responsible for dismantling, packaging and transporting the purchased lot.

For delivery offers +1,000kg load, please contact us at