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Written-off, outdated and surplus removal lifts. Trucks that take up too much space in your warehouse. Moving equipment that is no longer used, but still kept if it would ever come in handy again.
Does this sound familiar to you and do you want to change this?

Sell obsolete equipment and quickly turn it into cash! It’s that simple.
Find out below how an online auction through Vavato can help your moving company.

Quick cash

Quick cash

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International reach

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Outstanding service

Case: Antigoon Verhuizingen

Following the bankruptcy of Antigoon Verhuizingen, Vavato auctioned off all its assets. Buyers could bid on 87 lots including moving trucks, cars, moving lifts and miscellaneous moving equipment. Of these, 97% were sold!

Thanks to our auction expertise and targeted marketing campaigns, a total of 232 bidders from 8 different countries submitted bids.

All these bids translated into a successful auction.
The sales value of these lots was estimated at around €281,500 (incl. VAT). This estimate was more than exceeded by the actual sales revenue of €323,438.11 (incl. VAT).

Antigoon Verhuizingen case study

Not quite convinced yet? We’ve highlighted a few lots for you.

Nissan NT400 Cabstar

Nissan NT400 Cabstar moving lift, 2016
Estimated price: €32,500
Sold for €37,265.58

Renault D210 DTI 5

Renault D210 DTI 5 truck, 2020
Estimated price: €58,000
Sold for € 67,106.60

Böcker Simply moving lift

Böcker Simply moving lift, 2019
Estimated price: €18,500
Sold for € 21,417

Klaas TL21 moving lift

Klaas TL21 moving lift, 2016
Estimated price: € 9,500
Sold for € 10,922.67

Want to sell something via auction yourself?

Have we got you excited about cleaning up your own warehouse? Select which materials, trucks, lifts or cars you would like to sell. Once the auction has started, you can follow all bids real-time on our website. You will receive the money within 14 days after the auction closes.

Contact us using the form below so that we can make your auction a success too. See you soon?

Selling via an online auction with Vavato

Let your overstock, depreciated goods, machines or vehicles make money again.


  • Sell quickly & at the right price. You’ll receive the generated auction revenue 14 days after the auction closes.
  • No hidden costs: no cure no pay.
  • Reach +350,000 online bidders at home and abroad.
  • You’ll get an outstanding service: Vavato takes care of the whole process.
  • Located in Belgium & The Netherlands.
  • Transparent follow-up of the auction results.

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