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Does your company have a stock or overstock of wood or parquet that is gathering dust? Are you looking for a new CNC machine, but you need to get rid of your old machine to make room? Do you want to quickly generate cash by selling machines and stock that your business no longer needs Do you want to shut down your business and get the maximum return on your assets?

If the answer to at least one of these questions is a resounding YES, then we can help you!

Sell together with our auction experts

  • Overstocks of wood
  • Woodworking machinery
  • Rolling equipment such as warehouse equipment, forklifts, etc.
  • Or all of your company’s assets in case of discontinuation

Boost your cash flow and discover all the benefits of selling through an online auction.

Quick cash

Quick cash

International reach

International reach

No cure no pay

No cure, no pay

Outstanding service

Outstanding service

Case: carpenter Vandenbroucke-Moreau

For the joinery company Vandenbroucke-Moreau, we organised an online auction with 330 lots. his included a milling machine, panel saws, a fendering machine, a thicknessing machine, sanders, residual batches of wood and beams.

Its total value was estimated at €119,000 (incl VAT). 89% of the lots were sold. With the expertise of our auction experts and our targeted marketing campaigns, 394 bidders from 8 different countries placed a bid. In the end, a turnover of € 136,654.74 (incl VAT) was realised.

What a success!

Constant Philips Active 3-1 panel saw

Not quite convinced yet? We’ve highlighted a few more lots for you.

140 wooden beams

CNC Drilling and milling machine ROUTECH OIKOS6, 2013
Estimated price: € 54.100
Sold for € 62.998,65

Vertongen T50 milling machine

Wide belt sander ROGIERS-VANPOUCKE, 2001
Estimated price: € 5.000
Sold for € 6.016,73

Weinig Profimat 22N planer

1,62 m³ Padouk wood 52mm
Estimated price € 2.300
Sold for € 2.641,43

Goma Tenonmaster C4 tenoning machine

Pine Outhouse Planed 12x6m
Estimated price: € 11.300
Sold for € 13.492,71

Want to sell something via auction yourself?

Have we got you excited about selling machinery and generating cash? Tell us what you would like to sell. Hard wood beams and planks, parquet, plywood floors, a panel saw, a CNC machine,… Follow up on the results of your auction in real time and receive the generated turnover already 14 days after your auction closes. Sit back, relax and we’ll do the rest.

Contact us using the form below so that we can make your auction a success too. See you soon?

Selling via an online auction with Vavato

Let your overstock, depreciated goods, machines or vehicles make money again.


  • Sell quickly & at the right price. You’ll receive the generated auction revenue 14 days after the auction closes.
  • No hidden costs: no cure no pay.
  • Reach +350,000 online bidders at home and abroad.
  • You’ll get an outstanding service: Vavato takes care of the whole process.
  • Located in Belgium & The Netherlands.
  • Transparent follow-up of the auction results.

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